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Private full day tour

What to expect

Private full day tours are designed that you enjoy the best of Normandy food, only with your group and Etienne, your guide. Therefore you will be treated very exlusively. We can then make detours to see what you have seen on your guide book next to where we are. We can stop to take pictures whenever you, want. 

You will also be able to enjoy picturesque countryside in perfect silence or take a nap on your neighbour's shoulder as you know him/her.

The program for such a day is slightely different. We usually have more time to enjoy the cute calves at the farm or enjoy old brandy at the cider breweries; and that matters! 

Did you know that Calvados is like any other liquor ? It takes time to enjoy it!! When it is young usually its flavors and aromas are pretty simple. It just needs a minute or two to realse all the volatile alcools in the air and then you have pure green apple in the nose and in the pallet. 

As it gets older, more light alcools have evaporated through the wood and more wood chemicals have infused in the alcool. You then need many minutes, once poored in you glass to "open" the Calvados. Opening a spirit just means letting the residual light alcools (the ones that kind of "burn") escaping the glass. Once it is done you can fully enjoy the flavours that the alcool carries. In an old Calvados you will smell compoted fruits, nuts, leather. It will not be strong but smooth and round in the mouth. You will enjoy the aromas quite long after drinking it...

I hope you undertand why it is important to take time in a Calvados tasting...  That's why private tours are really suited if you want to have a fullfilling experience. 


What you'll see

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About Lunch

For Lunch, you have 2 possibilities : 

  • Lunch provided by me. It is more than a trivial picnic. It is local fresh products in a beautiful place or at the farm (slightly more authentic).

It usally constists in: French baguettes, butter, local cheeses bought in front of you, a salad + dressing, charcuteries, ham , home made teurgoule (local dessert), coffee, chocolate , cider as a drink. 

Cost 20€/person

  • Stop at a local restaurant (may disassemble the dynamics of the day)

Hotel Pick-up and drop-off

My pick up points are in Caen and in Lisieux. Anywhere else, it adds a few kilometers. As a result i have to add fees for pick-up/drop-off elsewhere. 

I can pick you up pretty much anywhere at your hotel. You will find below my 2017 rates for pick-up / drop-off ; just let me know. 

  • Bayeux: 43€
  • Port en bessin: 46€
  • Deauville, Trouville, Honfleur: 65€
  • Le Havre: 140€
  • Paris: 330€

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