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About Us

Who am I

It all started when I learned to speak. One of the first things I ask my parents was to pull off the road so I could watch the cows's udders. When it came time to attend college, I knew without hesitation I would study agronomy (a science that deals with the methods used by farmers to raise crops and care for the soil). I discovered my desire to work in the cheese business. To further my knowledge, I back-packed around the world exploring farms and their local techniques.  I learned so much. Most importantly, however, I learned that I love cheese and the French life-style.

For me, one of life’s best indulgences is eating excellent cheese while drinking wonderful wine. France is a paradise for a cheese amateur or connoisseur. We produce over 1,000 cheeses! Let me take you on a trip to learn about and enjoy this national treasure.

For now, I am focus on the land where I was born - France. I am passionate about the concept of terroir (the environmental conditions, especially the soil and climate, which affect how a food is grown and it’s characteristics). I believe eating is a spiritual aspect of life that is impossible to explain. Who can explain why a Riesling or a beer pair well with sauerkraut or why Cahors is served with cassoulet? Let me convince you why a Auge country hard cider combines so well with Camembert! Furthermore, let me introduce you to or further your taste for these wonderful Normandy specialties.

Please note that I am professionally trained to first aid in case of emergency .

Etienne Fournet
Etienne Fournet